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Setting up a free web server for developers to develop their own systems that can begin their membership and get their own token and study the web-based documentary.

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If there is still a question left in your mind, you can get answers to the following questions

1 How to shorten your links?

You can shorten your links and put them on your social network from the front page of the site and place your link in the box, but these links are public, which means you have them in your account. You will not have to register, but if you sign up and try to shorten the links from your user account, all links will be placed in your account.

2 How long is the duration of short links?

The short links you shortcuts in the short link service will not expire and all the time will work

3 For short links, QrCode is also created?

Yes, all short links have Qrcode, and you can put a photo link on your site by saving a photo to your site so that your users will be scanned by the link to the link you want.

4 Is it possible to change the main link URL of a short link to another address?

Yes, the problem that all admins are involved with. Putting download links on their site is that changing the various file breaks over the site`s lifetime makes it necessary to change all posts of your site at any time, but the link It has made it possible for the short link that has been created and placed on the posts of the site to change its main link and enjoy the opportunity without having to change a few thousand posts.

5 How can I register on the site?

You need to enter the link below to subscribe and enter your login credentials and login to your user account.

6 How to use my token to use the web service?

After registering, you can get your user account in your user account and by programming the web service for your system and connect your system easily to a valid short link.